Meet the modern business card.

It’s about time we go contactless in the new normal. Ditch the traditional paper business card and create a customisable social business platform with all your relevant information in just a few clicks. Moreover, it’s environmentally friendly.

V Card Digital Transforming

People Card – the next evolution of digital business cards

Connect and network with your potential clients, business partners and colleagues easily with a unique virtual business card. Run out of business cards? People Card got you.

People Card
People Card
People Card
People Card
People Card
People Card

One card for all

People Card is all about you and your brand. With it, you can present your personality or your company’s brand identity easily. You can even link and sync your business pages, social media channels and other related sites to your digital business card.

Digital and ever-ready

The best thing about People Card is that it’s always on your mobile phone 24/7. You won’t have to worry about your business cards running out, or that you have forgotten to bring them. Furthermore, you are saving trees!

Seamless sharing

Connecting with people has never been easier with the sharing feature of People Card. Your recipients do not need to have People Card or sign up to a new service as there is a unique QR code and URL which can be shared instantly with the people you meet.

Instant save

Once you have shared your People Card’s unique QR code or URL to your new connections, they can save your contact information instantly into their phone book. It’s easy and hassle-free!

Quick edit and instant update

You can edit your People Card profile information, latest products and services, promotions, etc. easily in just a few clicks and have it updated and reflected on your People Card instantly.

Built-in analytics

What happens after you exchanged your digital business card? With People Card, you can easily monitor the number of clicks, views and downloads of your card, amongst other things.

Switch to People Card, the only digital business card you need.

  • No printing cost
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Quick edit and update
  • Unlimited sharing
  • Safe and contact-free business card exchange
  • No stress about of running out of business cards
  • Instant save to phone contacts in a click

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