Private Sector Relief
Private Sector Relief
Private Sector Relief
Private Sector Relief
Private Sector Relief
  • The Malaysian Government’s relief package has not addressed many concerns faced by businesses
  • Debtors are paying late, affecting your ability to recommence production
  • You are faced with difficult decisions – imposing salary cuts to save the business
  • If you could defer payment of liabilities, it would be a step in the right direction
  • A capital injection would help, traditional capital sources have politely refused to provide assistance

About Us

Since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization, we are steering in uncharted waters. The disruption to businesses is likely to continue for many months and aftershocks will be felt for years to come. From manufacturing to the service industry, 2020 has seen shifts in the way businesses and organizations operate in the wake of the deadly virus. Today’s new normal for businesses includes disrupted supply chains, cash flow challenges, work-from-home difficulties, etc. Existing business continuity plans may no longer be applicable at this point. It is critical that businesses prepare for, respond to and ultimately emerge strongly from this new normal.

DIGIFIV has created a crisis management services platform aptly named Private Sector Relief (PSR) which is able to structure targeted and proactive measures that aim to restore value to your business by drawing on the collective experience of a multi-disciplinary and experienced team of professionals in the fields of Legal, Analytics & Finance, Lean Management and Technology. Most importantly, the assembled team will work with Capital Investors in appropriate cases to structure comprehensive rehabilitative proposals.
Private Sector Relief

The Private Sector Relief program aims to help companies structure dynamic and composite responses that are sustainable in the challenging months ahead. The composite responses are aimed at simultaneously cost and efficiency optimization, maximizing collection, deferment of payables and accessing new markets. It is our belief that piecemeal and ad-hoc “solutions” may prove less effective.

Program Objectives

Providing Advisory & Assistance
Businesses that are struggling with negative impacts of COVID-19 will benefit tremendously from measures that will steer the path towards increased operational effectiveness & efficiency, reduction in non-value added activity and re-prioritizing cash expenditure towards essential functions.
Providing Support in Capital Investment
Where additional cash flow is required to address recommencement of production and to mitigate the crippling effects of legal actions associated with insolvency, our ready network of capital investors will be of benefit to suitably qualified businesses upon successful conclusion of funding terms and conditions.
Identifying New Opportunities
Digital transformation will accelerate your business’ ability to create and seize new opportunities by identifying potential new market streams and optimizing your business, and in the longer term, create very much needed cash flow resilience in increasingly difficult operating conditions.

Crisis Managers

We are a team of experienced professionals with competent knowledge and expertise, and we aim to help you navigate through the crisis together.
Private Sector Relief

Technology Experts

Specialized in helping your business to go digital & fit into the new normal

Private Sector Relief


Provide support in capital – only to approved cases

Private Sector Relief

Financial Analysts

Specialized in cash flow management, risk assessment and ways to address these current issues

Private Sector Relief

Lean Management Experts

Specialized in diagnosing operations, improving productivity and reducing cost

Private Sector Relief

Legal Experts

Providing a framework to compromise debts owing and creating the space and environment for new capital injection

The PSR Advantage

While others are still struggling to adapt to the “new normal”, now is the time for you to capitalize on the current situation and stay ahead of the competition.

Benefits include, but not limited to:

  • Having a strong network of experienced professionals from different backgrounds to support you in navigating and charting the way forward
  • Restoring and improving value for your business
  • Getting the know-how to enable your business towards going digital and adapt to the “new normal”
  • Gaining insights and personalized recommendations on key focus areas, i.e. deferment of liabilities, cash injection, closure of business, etc.

This is the right platform for business owners to:

  • Be advised on a comprehensive plan;
  • Have a clear implementation roadmap;
  • Implement value adding strategies;
  • Be connected to the pool of investors; and get their business back on its feet eventually

Eligibility for the

PSR Funding

Key considerations that will affect eligibility for PSR funding:

  • Positive shareholder’s funds
  • Healthy debtors and creditors ageing, pre-MCO
  • Ability to provide security
  • Quick demand recovery can be demonstrated
  • Willing to be subjected to cash flow monitoring and controls
  • Willing to adopt measures recommended by our professional team

If you fall within the following categories, you are unlikely to be considered:

  • Property Development
  • Cash based retail and businesses relying very substantially on walk in customers

Don’t worry, however, you can consider to move your business to go digital. Contact us to find out more about our New Retail solution.

Note: Pre-screening is free of charge.
If your business falls under other categories such as Retail or Trading, or you do not require Capital Investment but still need help from our experts, please reach out and our team will gladly assist you.

How to Apply

If you meet the criteria above, here’s how you can apply for a pre-screening:

Private Sector Relief

Step 1

Submit required documents

Private Sector Relief

Step 2

Our team will review

Private Sector Relief

Step 3

Qualified applicants will be notified on the next course of action

The application process:
  • Step 1
    Prepare these information at hand:
    1. Business Owners / Decision-Makers’ (i.e. CEO and CFO) Contact Details – Name, Email Address, Contact No.
    2. Name of Business​
    3. Description of Business (i.e. the industry, product or service offerings, main customers, etc.)​
    4. No. of Shareholders and total shares held by each shareholders​
    5. Paid Up Capital
    6. Loans / Borrowings (if any)​
    7. Monthly Management Financial Statements – P&L Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement – for months ended October to December 2019, and for months ended January to March 2020 (if available)​
    8. Areas of Interest: Addressing business legal matters (Legal Expertise), Cash injection (Capital Investment), Going digital (Technology), Deferment of liabilities (Financial Analysis), Improving operational efficiency (Lean Management), Closure of Business, etc.
    Submit the above information when the application is open.
  • Step 2
    Pre-screening: PSR team to review documents
    Our team will review the basic required documents to recommend the services which best suit your business needs.
  • Step 3
    After pre-screening is completed, a full exercise screening is required
    Here our team will require additional documents after the screening stage to complete the due diligence full exercise and agreements we negotiated.
    We will contact you to request for additional documents / information.
The eligibility criteria serves mostly as a rough guideline framework which is based on many different factors.
Download the PDF brochure or contact us for more information.

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Private Sector Relief
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Private Sector Relief
Business Expert Advice

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*Rules concerning the profession restrict publishing of names of audit firms & legal firms.
Shortlisted candidates will be separately notified.